Work Work bloody work

*sniff* long hours grrr arg! no weekend for me =( on a good note lotsa money =) haha! bit of a boring blog but meh! Advertisements

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Hello world!

Hola this is me! first blog woo!  well today : had a meeting at work, got a driving lesson at 2 then spending tme with guy so all in all an interesting day 🙂

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Welcome to my rantings!

Tis Moi!

Well hola this is me! im basicly your fun luvin 20 year old kinda gal! luvs nothing more than good company n a gud pub haha!

I love music in general! but my favourite genres of music is indie and rock
favourite bands being, the killers, Incubus, Rage against the machine, Korn, System of a Down n then to the other extreme of acoustic i love damien rice, Nick drake, joni mitchell n alanis morisette

I am currantly learning guitar and am lucky enough to own a tokai strat given to me by my uncle! its going ok, just need to find the time!

I love reading, especially crime novels-maritna cole is a favourite of mine.
i also am getting into the harry potter series!

movie/tvwise i lurve chick flicks! i also love any adam sandler movie, Rose red, Nightmare Before Christmas, Back to the future trilogy, Buffy the vampire slayer! two pints of larger and a packet of crips, little britain, hollyoaks and lost.

I love spending time with my friends! They make my life a lot easier! i love hustle on a monday n rockscene @sugarhouse on a thursday i also enjoy acoustic night at the bobbin on a monday as its funny!

any how im going to leave it at that for the time being
toodlepip! xx